Keri Russell in Black Leggings and Pumps

Keri Russell looked amazing as she stepped out into the city streets in black leggings, tee shirt and blazer with black pumps. She almost made the paparazzi photo look like a commercial of the perfect city girl heading to work.

Jennifer Garner Sexy Legs in Workout Tights

Jennifer Garner has great legs. It is fairly obvious the work she puts in to keep her legs toned and fit. She made her way to her workout wearing tights which showed off her shapely legs. She looks amazing even in casual sporty attire.


Kate Beckinsale in Black Leggings and Boots

You can always count on the gorgeous and always lovely Kate Beckinsale to wear stylish attire even when she is running around town performing her errands. She mde her way around town in sleek black leggings and funky boots which showed off her toned physique and legs nicely. She remains one of the most fashionable women in entertainment.


Lucy Liu on 'Elementary' Set in Black Leggings

Lucy Liu worked on the set of her latest TV project 'Elementary' wearing a stylish outfit complete with black leggings tucked into her high heel boots. The woman is a wonderful talent and a real beauty. She is one of my favorite TV actresses. She always looks great and seems to have a great personality  I really enjoy seeing what she wears. She is typically well-known for her fashionable red carpet gowns and dresses but she can turn heads with her casual attire as well.


Eva Longoria Casual Sexy in Black Tights and Boots

Nobody rocks a pair of tights quite like Eva Longoria. You could dress this woman up in a bag and she would find a way to make it stylish and she'd look sexy in it. She looks great in tights as she has a perfect toned petite body that she enjoys showing off. She was on set in black tights and comfy boots with a warm sweater looking as gorgeous as ever.


Eva Longoria in Black Leggings and Sexy High Heels

Eva Longoria makes her way through LAX wearing tight black legging and sexy ope toe high heel booties. Even early in the morning the woman comes dressed to impress. She's very stylish and has a great body that looks fantastic in the tight. As they say "hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave." The heels are popping and the booty is tight as she walks away from the camera.


Sofia Vergara in Black Sheer Leggings and High Heels

Sofia Vergara has an impossibly voluptuous body. She slid her bodacious curves into a pair of leggings that just happened to be sheer. She has incredible legs and how amazing are her high heel booties? Most gossip rags would not be kind to a woman wearing these sheer leggings without a skirt or something on. Not so with Sofia Vergara. No problems here.


Megan Fox is Sexy in Leggings and Sky High Heels

Megan Fox is seen running errands wearing leggings and sexy high heels. I guess the proper term for her bottom attire is "jeggings". They are a combination of tight, skinny jeans and traditional leggings. Whatever they are called, her long sexy legs certainly look good in them. As a matter of fact, her attire is curve hugging from top to bottom. Love the cherry red stiletto platform pumps. She looks fantastic.

Kate Gosselin in Leggings

Kate Goseelin may be rather annoying but there is little doubt she has a great body. She shows it off wearing leggings and a disappointing pair of high heels, which are not that high, as she runs errands. You can tell she does a lot of exercise and one of her favorite activities is running. This will really tone and shape the legs and bottom which ends up looking fantastic in leggings.


Sofia Vergara Loves Her Leggings and High Heel Clogs

Sofia Vergara loves to wear leggings. These days she wears them more than any other celeb being photographed by the paparazzi. And this curvy chick does not even like to work out so her enjoyment of leggings is casual. She is well known for her huge bosom but she also has long sexy legs. She has admitted to loving towering high heels. Her high heel clogs look great with her tight leggings.